Personal Services

How to dress your Body, Mind and Spirit

Finding your personal style is about discovering yourself, who you are and want you want. The purpose of your clothes is to flatter and fit your physicality, be functional, fortify  and fulfil you. You are unique and your clothes should reflect your authenticity. Dressing the BODY MIND and SPIRIT is a transformational dressing technique for both genders that teaches you how to dress who you are at your very core.

Image & Pamper

An Image & Pamper consultation will help you understand what suits you from top to toe. You will leave feeling confident about creating your own personal style, how to shop wisely and how to start building a wardrobe you can really enjoy every day. A relaxing and informative session.

Style Your Form

Looking good is about understanding what suits YOU. A Styling Your Form consultation will show you which styles flatter your form and why, so you can select clothes and accessories that suit your shape, your personality and your budget.

Energise With Colour

During the Energise With Colour session you will learn why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others. You will  also learn how to wear colour combinations that work for you and your lifestyle. Knowing this makes your outfit combinations far easier to coordinate and you’ll wear more of the clothes you love, more often.

Award Winning Image Consultant

With over 20 year’s experience at director level, running a successful national company, together with a background in retail management, and training I am now a fully qualified image consultant, colour analyst, licenced fashion feng shui facilitator and life coach. From personal experience I know how important image is to our confidence and career prospects, which is why I am passionate about helping others to look good and feel confident about themselves.


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